Auto Sun

Photochromic + Polarized Sunglasses

For All-Day Adventures In Changing Light Conditions

Auto Sun lenses combine photochromic technology and polarized protection into a single lens for an unsurpassed visual experience no matter where the sun leads you.

Sunglass Technology


Designed for days outside in changing light conditions, photochromic technology automatically adjusts from a low-light, bright yellow with a 28% Visual Light Transmission (VLT), to a high visibility persimmon with a 15% VLT for sunny conditions.


Reflected light and UV exposure can cause glare, eye fatigue, and sensitivity, all of which disrupt your view of the world around you. Polarized lenses eliminate 99.9% of glare and blocks 100% of harmful UVA/B/C rays, protecting against the risk of long-term damage to your eyes from the sun’s harsh rays.


Auto Sun frames are made from Z-Resin, our unique plant-based polymer derived from the castor plant. This durable plant-based material contributes to a lighter weight frame, for more comfortable everyday wear and activities.


"My husband LOVES these sunglasses! He can't believe he waited so long to buy good quality glasses for running and biking. Every time he wears them, he says, 'Have I mentioned how much I love these?' "

★★★★★ - Molly R.

"Was looking for a pair of single pair of glasses for Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. Road 1,500 miles of gravel/dirt/varying singletrack/sun/shadows/rain/ect. from Banff, CA back home to CO. LOVE these sunglasses, and this lens!"

★★★★★ - Mackenzie W.

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Polarized Plant-Based Sunglasses

More Color. Less Pollution.