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Premium Polarized Sunglasses

Every pair of Zeal Optics Sunglasses feature our Ellume Polarized lens technology

Polarized Sunglasses by Zeal Optics

Experience the color, clarity and contrast of Ellume Polarized plant-based lenses. You’ll never see the world the same again. Ellume Polarized revolutionizes the way you see color. Made with plant-based materials, it is engineered to be as sustainable as it is technical. Our plant-based material creates a high-purity lens for crisper, clearer vision all while reducing environmental impact. See the world’s natural colors with greater clarity and contrast with Ellume Polarized, the Zeal Optics plant-based lens.

More Color. Less Pollution.

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"super high quality polarization"

"These are the lightest, most versatile sunglasses. LOVE the style and they don't cost a fortune, but have super high quality polarization for use on the water sailing and surfing. I find them the perfect fit for a woman's head, they don't slip down my nose, but neither do they squeeze too tight that they become uncomfortable after long hours of wear. Highly recommend!!"

★★★★★ - Elizabeth C.

Why Polarized?

Polarized sunglass lenses block polarized light, which is concentrated light reflected in a horizontal direction causing what we know as glare. Glare is stronger than regular ambient light that’s very uncomfortable and can be very dangerous to your eyes.

All Zeal Optics sunglass lenses are polarized and eliminate 99.9% of glare, block 100% of harmful UV rays and 95% of HEV light (harmful blue light). This helps prevent long term damage to your eyes due to exposure to harmful HEV and UV light. By eliminating glare, you are also eliminating eye fatigue and sensitivity that comes with it so you can stay outside longer doing the activities you love.

Not All Polarized Sunglasses Are Created Equal!

A low-quality polarized lens can filter too much or too little light, leading to a distorted picture. Sunglasses that do not provide UV protection can actually cause more damage than going without because they shade the eye, causing the pupil to dilate and allow in more harmful UV rays.

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"sunglasses for all activities"

"Looking for sunglasses for all activities that also look good when going out then you’ve landed at the right place. I wear these for everything from long runs, to summitting 14ers, golfing, and enjoying a midday beer at breweries. They’ll stay on well during all activities are exactly what I was hoping for."

★★★★★ - Clancy P.

Glare is Problematic...

What is the underlying reason we wear sunglasses? Ultimately, it’s comfort, to block that nasty glare, whether we buy for fashion, function, or protection. Glare confuses color and is problematic. In fact, 26% of daytime car crashes are attributed to glare and driving is rated as the #1 use for sunglasses. In fact, 39% of glare-related accidents occur between 6 and 9 am, during rush hour. More specifically, the 15 minutes after sunrise and before sunset are the most dangerous times for road glare. According to the American and Canadian Automobile Association, and eye care professionals all over the world, the best way to handle glare is to “invest in polarized sunglasses.”

"awesome contrast and clarity"

"I love these shades! The style is super cool and they work great for hiking or just hanging out around town. The Horizon Blue lenses have awesome contrast and clarity, plus they’re polarized so that’s a bonus. Highly recommend!"

★★★★★ - Dan A.

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"I'm Impressed"

"This is my first pair of Zeal sunglasses and I'm impressed. I was looking for a high quality, no gradient lens and these are exactly that. Very comfortable to wear and a crisp clear experience. And the case/sleeve are also really cool. Love these."

★★★★★ - Ashley G.

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