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A goggles system includes an inner frame dimensioned and contoured for positioning against a wearer's face with a plurality of interchangeable lens assemblies, where each lens assembly is removably attachable to the inner frame by an engagement mechanism that includes at least one tongue and groove attachment and at least one magnetic attachment. The lens(es) of each interchangeable lens assembly may be the same as or different from each other.

Covered by:

US Patent. No. 10,456,299 B2

US Patent. No. 2018/0168865 A1

Products Included: Lookout, Portal XL, Portal, Portal UF (Asian Fit), Hatchet Goggles



Embodiments of the present invention include a lens configured to adapt to varying light conditions. The lens comprises a first layer made of a transparent thermoplastic material and a second layer made of a transparent thermoplastic material. The lens also includes a polarized film and a photochromatic film that adjusts to vary the amount of light that is transmitted through the film in response to the amount of ultraviolet radiation received by the film. The lens is thermoformed to have a selected radius of curvature. Embodiments of the lens disclosed herein are adapted for use with a frame that is configured to receive the lens and position the lens proximate a user's face and eyes.

Covered by:

US Patent. No. 8,356,895 B2

Products Included: Automatic+ Rose-Base, Automatic+ Grey-Base, and Automatic+ Yellow-Base goggle lenses and accessory lenses


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