The Metals Collection

Strength, Style & Sustainability

Introducing The Metals

The Metals Collection from Zeal Optics marks a new take on classic aviator styling. Zeal’s Metals are a confluence of strength, style and sustainability with unique design elements that stand out from the pack, while minimizing their impact on the environment. Forged from recyclable stainless steel, plant-based Ellume Polarized lenses, Hexetate and ceramic nose pads, details are everything in the Metals Collection.


Our responsibly sourced, recyclable stainless steel frames may look sleek and elegant, but they can take a beating. This durable, corrosion-free material packs high tensile strength, allowing the thin frames, which are the lightest in our collection, to stand the test of time and fashion.


Hexetate is an eco-friendly, recyclable material that is BPA free and lighter than traditional plastics and acetates. It requires minimal processing, which further reduces its environmental footprint, and it holds its shape in any climate.


Engineered from a mixture of clay and earthen materials, our ceramic nose pads are hypoallergenic, easy to clean, incredibly durable and provide remarkable hold to keep your glasses from slipping in any weather condition or adventure.

Plant-Based Lenses

Ellume Polarized

Ellume Polarized lenses revolutionize the way you see color. Made with plant-based materials, they are engineered to be as sustainable as they are technical. Our plant-based Z-Resin material allows for a high-purity lens for crisper, clearer vision all while reducing environmental impact.

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"Zeal absolutely knocked it out of the park with these new metal frames! I love the Pescadero. Take the classic aviator look, mix it with that unmistakable Zeal style, and you've got yourself an awesome pair of shades. And these things can take a beating! I put my sunglasses through a lot and these things have handled everything I've thrown their way and looked good while doing it. Style, durability, and crystal clear lenses, what more could you ask for?"

★★★★★ - Zach R.

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"Don't get me wrong, I love my plant-based Zeal frames, but sometimes I missed that classic aviator style. My wish has been granted! Zeal's new metals frames are awesome! I love the Shipstern shape, plus it has the same incredible lens and I think it's even lighter than my Z-Lite frames. Definitely my favorite new shades!"

★★★★★ - Katie M.

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"I am a long time fan of Zeal and I absolutely love the new Easterly frames. They are a great switch up from my other sportier pair but still have amazing performance. Super lightweight, durable, and stylish. The polarized lenses are also the best I have tried. Couldn’t ask for anything more in a pair of shades!"

★★★★★ - Kasey F.

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