See Grass

Reuse. Regrow. Reimagine.

Recycled Plastic + Grass Fiber + Bio Gas = Sunglasses Reimagined.

Zeal Optics See Grass frames combine 30% grass fibers with recycled polypropylene in a closed-loop system to create our most sustainable sunglasses yet. The raw material is created in a closed-loop system powered by a biogas reactor, and the finished frames don’t require any painting or treatments, keeping them BPA, DEP, and phthalates free. See Grass allows us to create beautiful, durable sunglass frames, each of which is unique, while finding alternative uses for what was previously considered trash and byproducts.

See Grass

See Grass is produced at a closed-loop German biorefinery, where fibrous grasses are grown, and mixed with pre-consumer recycled plastics. Powered by a methane turbine that runs on decomposing organic matter, the process creates fertilizer to grow the grasses, without generating any waste.


Reflected light and UV exposure can cause glare and eye fatigue, which disrupt your view of the world. All Zeal lenses feature premium Japanese polarization and eliminate 99.9% of glare and block 100% of harmful UVA & B rays, protecting your eyes against the risk of long-term damage from the sun’s harsh rays.


Ellume Polarized lenses revolutionize the way you see color. Made from Z-Resin, our unique plant-based polymer, these lenses are engineered to be as sustainable as they are technical. Plant-based material creates a high-purity lens for crisper, clearer vision as will reducing environmental impact. More Color, Less Pollution.

an infographic showing the closed-loop process of create Zeal See Grass sunglass frames

"I am so stoked on these new sunglasses from Zeal. They always crush it on the sustainability game, but this line takes it to the next level! I love how they are keeping the environment in mind, but they don’t compromise durability or style. Great job Zeal!"

★★★★★ - Julie W.

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"It’s not always easy to incorporate sustainable products into your everyday wear, but with the Northwind See Grass frames - Zeal has done just that! Great fit, lightweight, amazing lenses, and to top it off a low environmental impact! Does it get any better?!"

★★★★★ - Sam C.

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