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Green Is Our Favorite Color

Read The Green with Polarized Golf Sunglasses

The human eye can see more shades of green than any other color, and being able to see every nuance is key to making the most of your time on the course. From the moment you first put on a pair of Zeal Optics sunglasses, you’ll know what we’re talking about. The unique color filtration technology in our Ellume Polarized lenses highlights greens like you’ve never seen.

When it comes to making the most of your next round, what goes in your bag is as important as the course you’re playing — and your sunglasses are an essential part of your gear. Our plant-based, polarized sunglass collection will make every moment of your time on the course more colorful, more vibrant, and more memorable.


Ellume Polarized

Ellume Polarized lenses revolutionize the way you see color. Made with Z-Resin, it’s engineered to be as sustainable as it is technical. Plant-based material create a high-purity lens for crisper, clearer vision as will reducing environmental impact. More Color, Less Pollution.

Photochromic + Polarized

Auto Sun

Designed for long days outside in changing light conditions, our Auto Sun Collection is your perfect companion for the course. Auto Sun combines photochromic technology and polarized protection into a single lens for an unsurpassed visual experience no matter what your round brings.


Z-Lite Thin Injection

Z-Lite combines our Z-Resin frame material with a thin-injection process to allow for an ultra-lightweight, super durable sunglass frame for complete versatility no matter the activity.



From the frame to the lens, all Zeal Optics sunglasses are designed to stand up to everyday life as well as the world’s harshest conditions and we've got the warranty to back this up.

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ProFlex Rubber

This unique, porous rubber material is strategically injected into the temples and nose pads of the frame to provide a soft and comfortable hold that gets tackier as things warm up, keeping your glasses in place regardless of conditions or activities.

Perform in all light conditions

"I love the environmental side to the sunglasses. The lenses perform well in all light conditions, really help on bright or dull days. I feel more energy when I wear my Zeal’s as my eyes aren’t working as hard, plus all the styles look great."

- Padraic O’Rourke
PGA of British Columbia, 2020 Professional of the Year

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"Pick Out My Ball From 250 yards away"

"Before I purchased my Morrison sunglasses with Auto Sun lenses, I had trouble following the ball on my drives and long iron shots. Wearing other 'golf' sunglasses I would lose the ball on shots longer than 150 yards. But not with my Morrisons.

These glasses with their increased clarity and definition make it easy to follow the ball, and find the ball on bright, sunny days and on cloudy, overcast days. I went from being the guy who could never find his own ball, to the guy who can pick it out of the rough from 250 yards away. The glasses are so good my entire regular foursome now wears them."

★★★★★ - Dave M.

"Easier To Read The Green"

"Zeal's lenses are great for highlighting all the various shades of green. This makes it easier to read the green and has really helped my short game. The contrast of the lenses also helps me find balls that land in the rough. Plus the focus on sustainability is a huge selling point for me!"

★★★★★ - Kendal N.

"Changed My Game"

"Zeal's Auto Sun lenses have changed my game. I typically play in the mornings and evenings when the light is low, and the lenses adapt to the conditions so I always see the course in a similar way. This helps me be consistent and read the greens better. The only problem is I can't blame bad shots on my glasses!"

★★★★★ - Mike L.

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