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Banks Gilberti

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Meet Banks Gillberti

Banks Gilberti boasts a background that truly embodies our mantra of "Explore More" with a list of pursuits and passions as long and lustrous as the blond locks that have become the calling card of this Sun Valley-born and Breckenridge-based skier and renaissance shredder. Whether it's skating, snowboarding, skiing, biking, swimming, BBQ'ing, or shooting pictures, you'll find Banks outdoors soaking up all the world has to offer. "I'm passionate about living in general, making sure not to take a second for granted of this insanely lucky life we live," explains Gilberti. Banks made a name for himself with strong finishes in slopestyle and halfpipe at events like the X-Games and DEW Tour, before going on to focus on filming insane parts, including an incredibly successful web series in 2011/12, and a stand out part in Level 1 Production's 2012/13 film PARTLY CLOUDY.

"Zeal Optics has the same drive and passion I do for adventure and carving out a niche in the extremely overcrowded and unoriginal action sports scene."

- Banks Gilberti

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Blonde skier opening the rail lock system on his ski goggles

3 Reasons Why Banks Gilberti Rocks //RLs

You may have heard us talking about how great our //Rail Lock System is and are thinking to yourself, “Are they really that great?” Well, don’t take our word for it, take Banks’ word for it.

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Winter Wanderlust by Zeal Optics

Plan trip. Rally Crew. Load Gear. Build Stoke. Shred pow. We all have it in us, sometimes we just need a little inspiration. From the backcountry to your backyard, adventure beckons.

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Adventures In Transition – Stick To Your Guns

Ski legend Banks Gilberti and cinematic genius Jake Strassman put it all on the line for their most recent A I T film, Stick to Your Guns.