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Designed to Explore More and use less, our polarized sunglasses are ready for every adventure. See the world in perfect clarity through our plant-based Ellume Polarized lenses(Z-Lite/Z-Resin frames contain a minimum of 45% bio-resin) and find the right pair for your favorite pursuit. Our timeless designs and technical features make Zeal Optics ideal for any activity under the sun, and we’re here to help you find the perfect fit. Wherever you go, whatever you’re into—we've got you covered.

Hiking Sunglasses

Our sunglasses are built for the trail. The plant-based Ellume Polarized Lenses show you the world in perfect clarity, while the lightweight plant-based Z-Resin frames are built to handle whatever you throw at them. ProFlex rubber inserts keep your sunglasses on your face, and out of the dirt.

Mountain Biking Shades

Technical sunglasses that show you more of the single track than ever before. Our plant-based Ellume Polarized lenses eliminate glare while remaining light on the planet. The ProFlex Rubber inserts keep them on your face. We offer a variety of styles to help you find the perfect fit and coverage.

Watersports Sunglasses

Our polarized Sunglasses are built for life on the water, where nothing ruins a day faster than bad sunglasses. Our sunglasses feature premium polarization to cut through glare, as well as ProFlex rubber inserts on the nose and temples to keep your sunglasses in place through the biggest of waves.

Running Sunglasses

Running sunglasses to protect your eyes mile after mile. Equipped with our plant-based Ellume Polarized lenses, our lightweight sunglasses provide clarity and contrast anywhere the trail takes you. ProFlex Rubber keeps the sunglasses in place, gaining more traction as you sweat.

Fishing Styles

Polarized sunglasses for long days on the water. Our Ellume Polarized lenses eliminate glare to allow you to see deep below the water's surface. ProFlex Rubber inserts on the nose and temple tips keep our sunglasses in place while you're looking for the best place to cast.

Golfing Sunnies

Green is our favorite color, and our sunglasses are designed to help you get the most of your day on the golf course. Our stylish performance sunglasses and amazing Auto Sun lenses help you read every undulation of the green to drain the hardest puts on the brightest of days.

Lifestyle Sunglasses

Versatile sunglasses with unmatched style. Our polarized sunglasses come in a variety of classic styles to complete any look. These timeless designs look just as good at a formal event as they do on a mountain peak. Designed for wherever your days take you.

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