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The Zeal Optics goggle collection is driven by adventure. And that is why we have developed a line that is designed to go beyond everyday boundaries. In the harshest conditions, when everything is on the line, we know that having a trusted, quality and durable goggle is paramount.

Lens Collections

Lenses for all conditions

This collection is named Optimum for a reason—well actually a whole bunch of them. The foundation of all Zeal Optics lens collections, Optimum is built with complete protection from harmful UV rays, our unreal Everclear Anti-Fog, Permashield Hardcoat and optimal color filtration for perfect clarity, heightened color and enhanced definition. Available in a range of mirrors and tints, Optimum has you covered no matter what Mother Nature serves up.

Lenses for all conditions

Our Optimum Polarized Collection has all the color, clarity and contrast of Optimum, with the added bonus of polarized protection for a glare-free view. Our Japanese-made, premium polarized lens is designed to block reflected light and filter 95% of HEV light to deliver the ultimate color experience and exceptional definition and contrast of the snow’s surface, all while reducing eye fatigue and the risk of long-term eye damage.

Lenses for all conditions

Not all photochromic lenses are created equal! Photochromic lenses react with UV light to change color/tint with the light conditions, but UV light is present even in blizzards so typical photochromic lenses are always at their darkest state regardless of the weather. Zeal’s patented combination of polarization and photochromic technology in Automatic+ lenses creates a gradual change for a view that’s unique to your surroundings so you never have to change your lens again.



Clearly Superior



Clarity & Protection



One lens. Every condition.

High density polycarbonate lens
Blue light filters to enhance color
Blocks 100% UVA/B/C light
Permashield Hardcoat
Everclear Anti-Fog
Hydro/Oleo on mirrored lenses
Super Hydro/Oleo on mirrored lenses
Premium Japanese polarized film
95%+ Polarized to cut glare and eliminate eye fatigue Blocks 95% HEV light
Boosts color for better definition and detail
UV activated photochromic technology
Adjusts tint with changing light conditions
Transitions from light to dark in under 10 seconds


Change your perspective

Observation Deck Technology

Taking a page from the physics behind structures like air traffic control towers, Observation Deck Technology is the first goggle system that replicates the eagle's view of the mountain, to help you see every inch of the line below you.

Available in the revolutionary new Cloudfall, Hangfire, Lookout & Beacon goggle with our Automatic+, Polarized and Optimum Collections for the best lens options in any condition.

The ultimate lens swap technology

Rail Lock System

Meet the patented //Rail Lock System - you’ve never changed a lens like this before. //RLs feature a rimless frame design for unsurpassed peripheral vision and a dual sliding rail system that guides, slides, and locks your lens in place anywhere on the mountain.

Available in our Automatic+, Polarized and Optimum Collections for the best lens options in any condition.

All day comfort

Frame Features

  • Venting: Upper and lower venting and wicking fabrics regulate interior airflow and ensure fogging is kept at bay.
  • Triple Layer Face Foam: Our plush triple layer face foam offers a perfect fit for all day comfort and protection from the elements.
  • No Slip Grip: A triple beaded silicon coating on every strap ensures that whether wearing a helmet or beanie, your goggle will stay exactly where you place it.
  • Dual Strap System: Comfort, simplicity and adjustability are key components in finding the perfect goggle. Our dual strap system helps you find your perfect fit all day, every day.

//RLs in a low-bridge fit

Asian Fit Goggles

The Portal Asian Fit edition combines all of the award-winning features and comfort of the Portal with our exclusive Asian Fit design by adding additional, contoured foam to specific sections of the goggle’s nose bridge to create a flush fit for low bridges and keep airflow out.

One Lens. Every Condition.


Our Automatic+ lens has all the features of our Optimum and Polarized Collections + photochromic technology, so your lens automatically adjusts color and tint in response to changing light conditions.

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