Polarized Protection

Why Polarized?

Our Optimum Polarized Collection has all the color, clarity and contrast of Optimum, with the added bonus of polarized protection for a glare-free view of the terrain while highlighting ice and hardpack. Our Japanese-made, premium polarized lens is designed to block reflected light and filter 95% of HEV light. This delivers the ultimate color experience and exceptional definition and contrast of the snow’s surface, all while reducing eye fatigue and the risk of long-term eye damage.

Polarized Technology

Awesome Lens

"I pop this lens on for blue bird days or even days where the clouds are light and moving and it's amazing the detail I can see in low or changing light. This lens is my go to."

★★★★★ - Lance, Expert Review

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Incredible Optics

"I've been a fan of Zeal for over 10 years. With polarization and excellent optics it is a no brainer. Clarity is awesome, field of vision is superb, and they haven’t fogged up on me once. These polarized lenses are definitely best for your sunny or partly sunny days. "

★★★★★ - Austin, Expert Review

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