Zeal Skier

Cael McCarthy

Meet Cael McCarthy

Born in Steamboat Springs, CO, Cael started skiing at the age of three. At nine, he discovered his fixation with freeskiing when the Americans swept the Olympic podium and was overwhelmed with an intense desire to Freeski, as if it were an internal calling. By 12 he was traveling to Copper Mountain to train the big lines and 22 foot pipe. Cael is a nationally top ranked slopestyle and pipe skier now entering into world cup level skiing. Not many athletes continue with both pipe and slopestyle at this level and he remains committed to both. When he isn't skiing you might find him folfing, playing vinyls, skateboarding, tramping, or playing with his dogs.

Cael was introduced to Zeal Optics at his first freeski camp at Woodward, Copper Mountain at the age of 9 and convinced them to support his journey over the years. "I am grateful for Zeal's continued support, not just great products, but good people!". Cael is thrilled to be a Zeal Ambassador.

"Zeal's motto #exploremore has meaning for me in my life as it's about trying new things, going for it and pushing boundaries."

- Cael McCarthy