Zeal Snowboarder/Yogi

Amanda Cruz

Meet Amanda Cruz

As a Hispanic-Indigenous snowboard and yoga instructor, Amanda Cruz has pursued the art of movement for over a decade. Whether balancing on the mat or traversing mountains strapped into her bindings, both practices act as her interconnected moving meditation for exploring and honoring the land.

A two-time Women Of Winter Scholarship Recipient (2021-2023), Amanda has been featured in and on the cover of 32 Degrees Magazine (Fall 2022 Issue) - utilizing her D.E.I activism to advocate for more BIPOC representation in snowsports and across all outdoor spaces. Holding her PSIA-AASI Level 1 and Freestyle Specialist 1 Certifications, Amanda’s professional on-snow instruction encourages women - especially women of color and mixed-race backgrounds - to boldly take up space on the slopes, and in life. 

“Be present in action…that’s my philosophy.”

- Amanda Cruz