Zeal Snowboarder/Mountaineer

Luka Podlogar

Meet Luka Podloger

Luka grew up in the mountain region of Slovenia (Carniola region) and was introduced to the Julian Alps as a child. He started snowboarding in 2002 and at the time got inspired by riders such as Terje Håkonsen and Craig Kelly. From the start, it was all about free riding and building jumps. But of course, there were competitions in big air and slopestyle along the way.

While filming for video projects around Europe, Luka got to meet true friends with the same passion for exploring and finding good snow conditions, always ready for new adventures. Over the years of freeride snowboarding, mountaineering, and rock climbing, Luka experienced the mountains in a fulfilling way. Luka grew a passion for guiding along this journey, which is now his full-time job.

"Zeal is a brand with like-minded beliefs and high-quality products made with a love for nature and great style for any outdoor activity."

- Luka Podlogar