woman wearing red coat and black sunglasses carrying snowboard walks along a dirt road in the mountains


Summer Fenton

snowboarder standing in snow wearing green frame black lens goggles smiling and waving with mountains in the background
Meet Summer Fenton

Born and raised a block away from Ocean Beach, San Francisco yet traveling, competing and filming around the globe, Summer has followed her passion for snowboarding since the first time she strapped into a snowboard. From day one, she's been stoked on life and spent most of her time out in her front yard enjoying activities such as surfing and seashell collecting. She started snowboarding when she was just 4 years old and it was love at first ride! Once she started competing, it slowly took over her life and she never looked back. The adrenaline rush and feeling she gets from exploring, learning and landing new tricks is what compels her to continue pushing herself in the sport. Her parents would drive the 3 1/2 hours to North Lake Tahoe every weekend, turning her into a tried and true weekend warrior. She then went from always surfing and making sand castles to snowboarding and making snow angels, but don’t worry she always leaves a trail of sand behind and take her sunshine wherever she goes.

"I have so much gratitude riding for Zeal Optics because they are true to their values, live to explore the outdoors and give back to Mother Earth by using plant-based materials. Zeal Optics inspires me to be the best I can be."

- Summer Fenton

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woman standing in the mountains smiling and waving holding snowboard

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