Zeal Stand Up Paddleboarder and Trailrunner

Paolo Marconi

Meet Paolo Marconi

Paolo is a professional stand up paddle racer and outdoor sports lover. He loves paddling in the ocean, surfing, running trails and spending time outdoors. Paolo travels all over the world to race on his paddleboard. Whenever Paolo can, he loves testing his body and mind in Ultra Endurance challenges. Paolo has run a few Ultra Trail Marathons. In 2022, he won the Last Paddler Standing, an Ultra Endurance paddling race that lasted 48 hours. This is Paolo's biggest sports achievement so far.

Apart from being an athlete Paolo is also a lifeguard and a sport instructor. His lifestyle is mostly outdoors and he wears Zeal sunglasses at all times during the day.

"The world looks better through Zeal lenses."

- Paolo Marconi