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Zeal Optics is dedicated to opening peoples' eyes to the world around them, to opening doors to a life outside, and to pushing their personal limits through encounters with nature - and themselves.

When we met Elizabeth Neufeld and Joel Berman with Adaptive Adventures, a group created to introduce individuals born with disabilities to adventure, we knew we'd found the perfect partnership.

"We strive to inspire all individuals, regardless of ability, to constantly push their boundaries and physical limitations," explains Neufeld. "As a community we surround ourselves with positive people, who are constantly showing us that we can truly be unstoppable in the pursuit of our dreams."

Adaptive Adventures has worked tirelessly to find ways to connect passionate people with activities normally far beyond their reach - delivering priceless results for more than 7,500 adventurers.

"You know that feeling when you reach the summit, conquer wild rapids, or shred a gnarly powder run? We want everyone to experience that feeling and be able to apply it in every realm of their lives," says Elizabeth. "We empower people, we show them that they can do whatever they set their minds to."

"We love the spirit of transcendence that ZEAL embodies. We are all about embarking on an unforgettable journey and we love to have a partner that is constantly evolving, creating and making a positive impact."

- Elizabeth Neufeld, Adaptive Adventures

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