Optimum Polarized Bluebird HT

$30.00 $100.00

About Optimum Polarized Bluebird HT

Blue bird. The name says it all. A rallying cry to leave your bed behind in the murky pre-dawn hours, in a quest to greet the glory of a new day, stacked with fresh snow, in the deepest recesses of the mountains. The BLUEBIRD is your companion across conditions, continents, and quests. A true lens quiver killer, BLUEBIRD HT lets you forget your lens, and the memories begin. ZEAL Optics' line of polarized lenses has you covered in any weather conditions ranging from bluebird to whiteout and the new BLUEBIRD HT POLARIZED lens is built for light-snow to variable days to let you ski and snowboard in perfect clarity, no matter what Mother Nature brings your way.