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Fishing Sunglasses

Bring Home The Days Catch with Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

Cast with confidence with polarized fishing sunglasses from Zeal Optics. Featuring Ellume Polarized lenses, these durable, non-slip sunglasses eliminate glare from the surface of the water so you know exactly where to drop your fly. Zeal lenses also provide broad spectrum protection against harmful UV rays and offer clarity and contrast so you can see fish before they see you.


Ellume Polarized

Ellume Polarized lenses revolutionize the way you see color. Made with Z-Resin, they're engineered to be as sustainable as they are technical. Plant-based material creates a high-purity lens for crisper, clearer vision that cuts through glare on the water while reducing environmental impact. More Color, Less Pollution.

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Photochromic + Polarized

Auto Sun

Designed for long days outside in changing light conditions, the Zeal Optics Auto Sun collection combines photochromic technology and polarized protection into a single lens for an unsurpassed visual experience on the water. The changing tint and color is perfect for fishing from dawn to dusk, while the polarization slices through the water making this our best fishing lens!



From the frame to the lens, all Zeal Optics sunglasses are designed to stand up to everyday life as well as the harshest conditions you'll find on the water—and we've got the warranty to back it up!

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ProFlex Rubber

This unique, porous rubber material is strategically injected into the temples and nose pads of the frame to provide a soft and comfortable hold that gets tackier as things warm up, keeping your glasses in place whether you're tying a fly or fighting the one that didn't get away.

help me see more fish

"Whether I’m fishing saltwater or fresh, the sun from above and the reflections from below are a constant issue. I currently run the copper Ellume Polarized lenses to cut glare, enhance color, and broaden my contrast spectrum on the water. My Zeal’s take a beating, help me see more fish, not look like a dork and feel good about using a product that is created with sustainable materials."

- Asher Koles, Zeal Optics Ambassador & Guide

Shop Cam Polarized Sunglasses
"X-ray Vision For Seeing Fish"

"The lenses are polarized which is like x-ray vision for seeing fish in the water. Definitely my favorite pair of sunglasses I've owned."

★★★★★ - Will S.

"spot and target fish"

"These glasses provided supreme optical clarity for fishing and lifestyle. The copper lenses offer great UV protection in sunny, cloudy and even rainy weather. The polarized lenses also perfectly cut glare, allowing me to spot and target fish, even in dense weed beds.”

★★★★★ - Tyler H.

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