Shades For Seas

Celebrate Earth Day Weekend with #Shades4Seas

In partnership with Plastic Oceans, Zeal Optics will clean 1,000 ft² (93 m²) of coastline by donating $1 USD from every global purchase.

For every pair of sunglasses, goggles and accessory lenses sold by Zeal Optics through, Zeal direct retail and Zeal wholesale channels, the amount of $1 USD will be donated to Plastic Oceans International, irrespective of any return of products that might take place thereafter.

1 Goggle = We'll Clean The Seas!

Our goggle collection is driven by adventure. That's why we developed a line to go beyond everyday boundaries. In the harshest conditions, when everything is on the line, we know that having a trusted, quality and durable goggle is paramount.

1 Lens = You Guessed It...

Our entire lens collection is built around state-of-the-art lens technology that literally changes the way you see the mountain.

1 Sunglass = 1,000 sq.ft of Clean Coastline

Plant-based Z-Lite/Z-Resin frames contain a minimum of 45% bio-resin, allowing us to create sunglasses that enhance your time outdoors while working to protect the environment.

Protect Our Waters

Plastic Oceans International

Plastic Oceans International is a US-based non-profit organization working to end plastic pollution and to foster sustainable communities worldwide. They operate with the belief that we can and must act at the local level in order to create change on a global scale.

They pursue their work in four program areas:  Education, Activism, Advocacy and Science. Through projects that are aligned with these programs, and that embrace circular principals, they seek to inspire action that can lead to changes in consumer behavior, corporate practices and public policy. Collectively, these changes will lead to a reduction in plastic pollution, an increase in regenerative communities and a healthier and more equitable planet for all.

To amplify their efforts, and to service as primary tools of education, Plastic Oceans produces a wide variety of films and other digital content.

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Who is Plastic Oceans International and how do they make the world a better place?

Connect & Protect

1% For The Planet

At Zeal Optics, we are passionate about giving back to the places we love to explore so much. We’re proud to be a member of the 1% For The Planet family, and donate 1% of our gross sales to non-profits that work to protect the wild places that give us so much inspiration, R&D opportunities, adventure and solace.

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