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Plant-based sunglasses built for life outdoors.

Our Mission Towards Sustainability

Our mission is to create sunglasses that enhance your time outdoors while working to protect the world around us. In our commitment to reduce environmental impacts, we use renewable resources in the manufacturing of our sunglass frames and lenses - eliminating the use of fossil fuels.

Ellume Polarized

More color. Less pollution.

Ellume Polarized revolutionizes the way you see color. Made with plant-based materials, it is engineered to be as sustainable as it is technical. Our plant-based material allows for a high-purity lens for crisper, clearer vision all while reducing environmental impact. See the world’s natural colors with greater clarity and contrast with Ellume Polarized, the Zeal Optics plant-based lens.

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See the world more clearly with Ellume Polarized. While other lenses are made from petroleum-based materials, Ellume Polarized uses a unique plant-based polymer as the bonding agent to deliver a high-purity lens for cleaner, crisper vision.

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99.9% Polarized


Reflected light and UV exposure can cause glare, eye fatigue, and sensitivity, all of which disrupt your view of the world around you. Ellume Polarized eliminates 99.9% of glare and blocks 100% of harmful UVA/B/C rays, protecting against the risk of long-term damage to your eyes from the sun’s harsh rays.

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95%+ Blue Light Filtration


Ellume Polarized is built to control specific wavelengths of visible light by reducing harmful high-energy blue light (HEV). This process eliminates color confusion so you see the colors of the spectrum more vividly and with greater depth perception.

Ellume Polarized Options


Our plant-based frame material.

Z-Resin is derived from the castor plant and replaces the use of traditional plastics in our sunglass frames and Ellume Polarized lenses. The use of Z-Resin significantly reduces the amount of C02 produced during manufacturing.

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Ultra Lightweight Sunglasses

Z-Lite Thin Injection

Z-Lite is our Z-Resin frame material that uses a thin injection process to allow for an ultra-lightweight sunglass frame for complete versatility no matter the activity.

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Built for life outdoors


From the frame to the lens, all Zeal Optics sunglasses are designed to stand up to everyday life as well as the world’s harshest conditions.

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All Day Comfort


This unique material is strategically injected into various parts of the frame to provide a soft and comfortable hold. ProFlex withstands extreme hot and cold temperatures so your sunglasses stay in place no matter what the day brings.

Auto Sun

Polarized + Photochromatic

Designed for long days outside in changing light conditions, the Zeal Optics Auto Sun collection combines photochromic technology and polarized protection into a single lens for an unsurpassed visual experience.

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